Luke was extremely wiggly (that is putting it nicely) in church today. Kids are kids, I know that and I say that a lot. This morning though, Luke was acting the way he was because he didn’t want to go to church, he wanted to watch television. As his parent, I want him to know that there are times when he has to do things he doesn’t feel like doing. That is life. We go to church. I want that to be a part of his upbringing. I did not necessarily feel like going myself this morning, I was feeling tired (lazy). Last week we had my niece over and we all overslept and did not go. The week before we were on vacation. This morning I needed to go. Matt slept in and I knew there was no getting all of us out of the house on time so we decided Luke and I would go.

We got there and sat in the front. I know many people with kids sit toward the back but Luke cannot see that far away so we sit close. I guess sitting in the back would bring less anxiety because less people would see us but we are brave…or crazy. I knew as soon as we sat down that he was gong to have a rough time. Usually he is good but when the first words that come out of his mouth are, “When will church be over?” and the service hadn’t begun yet, I just knew…obviously. He was all over me, grabbing my necklace, talking, and making weird noises. He went up to the children’s message and I have to say he was really cute up there. I love how his comfort has grown, before he would never comment and now he does. Anyhow, Pastor Tom asked about the kids having to start waking up early for school and Luke explained that alarm clocks help people wake up early and that he has a batman alarm clock. After the children’s message he sat back down and then to my surprise Matt showed up and sat next to us. Better late then never. The rest of the service, Luke continued with is wiggly loud ways.

What was the sermon about? Please tell me because I have no idea. I think I remember the question being asked of who Jesus is? I don’t know. I normally pull something from each service I attend but today all I can say is that at least I went to church. I usually feel full of peace and hope for the week but right now I don’t. I feel empty. I do not want to feel empty.

I am trying to find something to take away from the church service. Obviously I have nothing to take from the words spoken. Hmmm, maybe all I can take away is that I went. Sometimes that is hard enough. Also, Matt went…he was late but he still showed up. Church is important to us as a family. That is what I am going to take away from this.

The moral of this story is Church can be fun, sometimes it isn’t but we still go. Nothing will ever change my mind on the importance of church. I pray my kids grow up feeling the same.

Kids will be kids and this will not be the last time he will be wiggly during church but it doesn’t mean I cannot try to find something to learn from this. Church is important to us, God is important to us and I will not give up showing that to my kids.

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”
~ Unknown

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