Still, there is hope…

DSC_0280As we were pulling into the parking lot, a sense of sadness filled me. I actually thought I could cry, but I forced myself to fight it. This election is like no other I have ever experienced. Never have I seen so many torn people.  Never have I seen so much hatred. Never have I seen so much divisiveness.

No matter who wins tonight it is a loss for us as a nation. We are already losers. This election has proved it. The way people have carried themselves is embarrassing. To think that someone could actually stop being friends with someone because they disagree politically is just unsettling.

To say the Christian lefties aren’t real Christians is just wrong. To call a Christian righty an extremist because they live out their faith…yet want to yell out for equality for all is just dumb. I think we all need to be educated on what an extremist really is. I think we all need educated on what freedom is. I think we all need to remember we all fall short. If you think someone is wrong, yelling and belittling will do nothing to change them.

So yay me, I voted.  I voted in a way I never have before.  I rationalized my decision in a way I am not proud of.  But I voted the only way I could this election.  I felt a duty to vote. I knew if I didn’t I would feel even worse. I know many felt the same…democrats, republicans, and any in between. Most of us do the best we know how and we should still respect each other regardless.

I read an article about trusting God through this election. So true. We have to trust Him regardless of the outcome. What we all need is not a Hillary or a Donald or a other. What we need is hope. I think many of us have forgotten what it is. Hope is not a lost cause, so don’t let it be.

True hope doesn’t come from any person or leader. It comes from Christ.  It is in knowing He wins no matter what this world may say or do. Having hope should cause us to pull together and love one another despite our differences.

Maybe we needed this reminder. God is who we place our hope in…not in any politician. Not in any person. Not in anything of this world. So yes go vote. More importantly, though, trust and hold onto the only unchanging hope we have in this world––Christ.

4 thoughts on “Still, there is hope…

  1. A beautiful reminder at a time of big unsettling change. I am Australian but have been praying for Christ’s love to shine ever bright through my American Christian brothers and sisters. Keep shining, keep writing, keep spreading Christ’s hope.

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